Two books from Paul D. Wolfe

My God Is True now available in Spanish: ¡Mi Dios Es Fiel! >>>

My God Is True: Lessons Learned Along Cancer's Dark Road


You won’t find that word in the Bible. But you will find a gospel that trumps it. And every other trial, too.

Had classic conns, but because all of the meds i was on kept interfering with the tests, they kept saying i did not have it. So finally i took myself off all of my meds (i told my doctor i was doing it, really did not give him a choice) and when he saw how bad things got so quickly (within 1 week of being off the bp meds including spironolactone, my blood pressure went into the mid 100's/low 200's and my potassium crashed even with the kdur suppliment) so he scheduled an adrenal vein catheterization. otc viagra walmart That proved to be the test we needed. It clearly and unequivically showed that the left adrenal was seriously overproducing aldosterone (6000 in a 1-16 reference range) and that the right was normal (tumor was in the left). order viagra I had a laproscopic adrenalectomy two months ago and my blood pressure has dropped and my potassium normalized. viagra with dapoxetine reviews There are other minor issues as my body tries to adjust to the new hormone levels, and that will take some time, but i feel a ton better now (just tired, which is much better than worrying about stroking out or having a heart attack from the bp and potassium issues). how often can you take viagra 20 mg Just be persistant, and go for the adrenal vein sampling, it was the test that did it for me after 8 years of hell. By jsimons1968 reply 50273 december 5, 2008 at 10:00 am report post oh, and regarding your frustration with the symptoms you have that are not specifically addressed when the medical journals describe conns, don't worry. viagra prescription nhs I had everything you describe, and much of it is caused by the primary effects of the disease. I would go to the bathroom 5 times a night, i was always thirsty, exhausted, headaches, dizzy, depressed... I do not know how many endocrinologists immediately assumed that i was going to have diabetes when they checked me the first time, only to see great glucose numbers and the long term (ach? generic viagra without prescription ) numbers. viagra online without prescription It made me want to scream, but in the end, i had it right all along, i had to really be my own advocate for my health. Do your research, do not let your dr. Blow you off. how often can you take viagra 20 mg You are not crazy, you are not making this up. cheap viagra online Conns is very real and very overwhelming. how often can you take viagra 20 mg Getting the adrenal vein test is the best thing you can do at this point. As long as they get a good catheterization of both veins (my right was a problem, it is for most people due to anatomical structural reasons) it will give you the answer you need. Hang in there. By dizzybee (inactive) reply 50321 december 5, 2008 at 1:46 pm report post flowerspy -- yes, i take cortef and florinef to replace my 'roids' and have to take a shot for emergencies, being very sick, under great stress or just getting my teeth cleaned. buy generic viagra online As far as endos -- there is a great one at uva in charlottesville -- i sent a cushing's. viagra online with price Here’s a story of diagnosis, treatment and survival. But it’s primarily a story of the glory and faithfulness of God.

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SettingSightsOnHeaven web

Setting Our Sights on Heaven: Why It's Hard and Why It's Worth It

Christians ought to think a lot about heaven.

So why don’t we?

Plenty of factors push heaven out of mind. We could all use some encouragement to push back.

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